Movement training that takes you outside the confines of traditional mainstream settings and machined filled gyms, back into a physically and mentally challenged environment. Build a body that is skilful, practical, strong, instinctive, adaptable and purposeful for the real world.

Training first begins with introducing you to the fundamentals, layering skill upon skill from the ground up until the basics are internalised. You will then learn how to use your body effectively and efficiently, cultivating a sufficient degree of useful physical competence.

Training encompasses elements of balancing, mobility,  strength work, endurance, super human style senses, striking & grappling and more….


Roots Movement

Nourish your roots and bring your body to life. Inspired by the sweet sound of roots reggae music in the hills of Jamaica, nurtured by African rhythm and soul.

Focus is placed on exploring the dynamic chemistry between breathing, rhythm and movement in an enriched setting, allowing one’s own individual artistic expression to freely unfold as you learn to move your body in a more conscious, fluid and embodied manner.

Each session deepens awareness of your mind-body through an experiential journey that is facilitated through non fixed patterns and surrendering to the natural rhythm that governs your existence.


Forest School

Tree of Life Forest School is our outdoor physical education program for kids, that introduces them to new and exciting way’s of learning through creative play, movement, adventure and sensory awareness in an environment that is committed to fostering strong, confident, self reliant children that will transcend through time into the future and shape our world.

​The philosophy behind our Tree of Life Forest School is to encourage and inspire all kids through providing safe, transformational experiences that deepen each students understanding of their body and their connection with the natural world that exist around them.

Our programs provide children with a solid and unshakable foundation. Apart from our long term programs we also do half day group sessions and one to one tuition.