The intelligence behind the Tree of Life concept comes from one main advocate, who has a strong grounding in movement disciplines and natural health alternatives, Nathaniel McKenzie. It was through his isolated time spent in the wilderness and building a intuitive relationship with his body and the observation of nature that he discovered the fundamental building blocks that would re-humanise his body from the dis-ease which is very common in western culture. It was here he started to head in search for alternative ways for a more safer, injury free and balanced approach to his training and lifestyle, integrating realignment techniques, looking into the science of movement, therapy disciplines and different schools of thought to help better understand the human organism as a whole. This would later form the roots to his ideology and teachings. It was then Tree of Life was born.

At Tree of Life we have an unorthodox way of doing things unparalleled like no other, which explores bodywork and movement through a different lens, dissimilar to the traditional conventional approach what most people are familiar with. A lens which pays attention to every detail of your whole-being, leaving no stone unturned. The true essence of what we do extends far beyond any pursuit for aesthetic or specialised goals. It’s a philosophy and lifestyle practise. A path to re-educating your body and becoming one with your true nature. We’re not here to be concerned with sugar coated trends, mindless routines or quick fixes, as they only deal with attaining temporary results on a superficial level, which in reality fails to address the bigger picture. What we’re concerned with is doing what works best for your biological structure. Empowering you to empower yourself.

The side effects from today’s westernised lifestyle along with the illusional image sold by the mainstream fitness industry has caused many complications to the human body, putting us on a pathway to self destruction. Compared to many non-westernised cultures around the world who still inhabit their natural environment and remain aligned with natures rhythm, many of the issues we’re now faced with are non-existence amongst them. We have found ourselves completely out of balance with natures laws, physically, mentally and spiritually, which has lead to an epidemic of disorders and problems as a result. Whilst most ‘fitness training’ paradigms that currently fill the fitness industry remain stuck in a one-dimensional reality, solely focusing on mirror athlete physiques, artificial movement programs and machine based environments, it is very clear how our bodies have become stagnated, robotic and vitamin nature deficient. Here at Tree of Life we give you the key elements needed to revolutionise your body from the inside out, deceloping the tools and knowledge to addressing dysfunctions at the root….and not the symptoms. Tree of Life is a practise which prides itself on longevity, sustainability and equilibrium, offering you a more intelligent way to explore your body and wellbeing.

“The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end, yet both don’t exist. The beauty lay within the journey, yet the journey is non existent. The essence lay within natures cycle of changes, yet the cycle is not fixed. Only when felt can the essence be captured. Beyond the infinite it is still the infinite”