Clinical training that leaves no room for guess work. We advocate a realistic, personal and tailor made approach to suit each individual client we work with, paying attention to every detail of your goal requirements.

​No generic fads, fairytales or copy and paste programs here. The false illusion that one size fits all is something we completely stay far away from. It’s not just a series of 1-2-1 or group sessions at Tree of Life, it’s a infinite journey.

Each of our coaches have undergone the extensive Tree of Life mastery curriculum, extracting a wealth of knowledge ensuring the techniques/methods used are intentionally utilised for the empowerment of your mind-body and your results.



Exposing you to a new paradigm of outdoor fitness. Birthed in nature, rooted in science, cultivated through movement. This is, Tree of Life’s school of physical higher learning.

It’s training that takes you outside the gym walls, taking a innovative approach to delivering a holistic, immersive training experience in the outdoors, unparalleled like none other. A focus oriented on reconnecting you with nature and discovering your limitless potential, whilst becoming toned, lean and strong.

We realise that lifelong fitness requires a more inclusive method that overcomes the inherent limitations of specialised training. Which is why the pursuit of this program extends far past the quest for superficial results. It’s a pursuit to self mastery.



Transition from crowded rows of treadmills and come explore the earth through the soles of your feet, engaged in a richer, more stimulating, enduring and fulfilling experience.

​We draw inspiration from some of the most skilled runners found in nature, renowned for their remarkable athletic prowess and merge that with our unique running method, giving you the world’s most potent recipe for modern-day barefoot/minimalist running.

We provide one-on-one coaching and small group sessions as well as privately guided trips for you to navigate wild terrain whilst charging your body through the earth’s electromagnetic fields. Suitable for all levels.

​We go where no other running program has ever been.



A non traditional approach towards boxing, focusing more on the individual rather than the style. It’s boxing, but done our way. Real authentic, no-nonsense training giving you the complete boxing experience.

The ethos behind our boxing training system is to build a technically sound foundation and intrinsically wire in the traits of world class athletes. This first starts with working on your bio mechanical structure before progressing onto our top tier training.

Whether it’s simply to release some stress on the pads,  drop body fat and box your way into a sculpted physique, or for the aspiring professional athlete that wants to refine their craft  to world class level, we embody a variety of training methods that’ll harness the skills to successfully help you excel.