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Join us and experience a 2 day workshop like no other. You’ll walk away with a goldmine full of knowledge that you can start applying the second you leave. For those wishing to further study and learn with us this is the pre-requisite workshop that must be attended first.

Tree of Life in essence is a life-long practise. As with anything that leads to self mastery and longevity, there simply are no short cuts. Which is why the fundamentals to us are valued so highly. They not only give you the building blocks into the beginning process of starting your practise, what we call planting your ‘roots’, they also open up new pathways to our more advanced work. In this workshop you will have the chance to learn the fundamentals to the Tree of Life methodology directly from the founder himself, Tree of Life Practitioner Nathaniel Mckenzie. Realistically, this workshop only acts as a stepping stone into a universal field of learning as everything can’t be fitted into 2 days, but what you will leave with over the course of 2 days is more than enough to start re-humanising your body, starting right from the nucleus. Over the course of 2 days you will learn,

How To Move Like A Human/ Implementing Myofascial, Stretching Techniques Correctly/ Develop A Breathing Powerhouse/ Improve Energy/ Postural Alignment/ Awaken Your 5 Senses/ Resetting Your Circadian Rhythm/ Forest Bathing/ Using Nature For Nutrition/ Becoming Pain Free

This is not just a workshop, it’s also a practical step by step guide to addressing the most common dysfunctions and imbalances found in today’s culture, from musculoskeletal pain, human zoo syndrome, postural imbalance and poor movement….It completely changes the narrative to what’s being taught in the fitness industry. By giving you the right tools and techniques, knowledge and right thinking you’ll have everything needed to reinvent your whole being. This workshop takes place in the wilderness, away from the concrete jungle for a energising, mind cleansing and therapeutic scenery.

Location: Club51, W1, Marylebone

Date: Sat & Sun 24-25th February 2018, 9am-4pm

Price: £400